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Hi! My name is Becky Ford, and I am the human behind the lenses and screens of BoneFish Photography


I'm a Southern New Jersey "Piney," turned marine conservationist, turned traveling photographer ...currently loosely-based in Austin, TX. With odd jobs from penguin-poop-cleaner, to tax-accounting secretary, to veterinary technician, to offshore marine research, to construction documentation...my journey has been anything but a clear-cut straight line.

As I navigate life's ebbs and flows, the creative arts have long served as an outlet for me. Writing and photography are exceptionally enjoyable for me; and with modern technologies, I also enjoy being able to share online with others. I am a self-taught photographer (and still learning, always...) I spent many years shooting with an outdated 8-megapixel Kodak point-and-shoot camera...I had my first opportunity to use a DSLR camera in 2014, and have since grown to love this craft even more. I aim to capture natural light and vivid color, all in an effort to do justice in capturing subjects at their finest.

I love dirt roads that seemingly lead to nowhere. The smell of rain in the desert is my favorite. I catch more sunsets than sunrises (because I really like sleep). When it comes to dessert foods, if there is an option with rainbow sprinkles, I will fight til the death for it. I believe in practicing "Leave No Trace" principles in our outdoor spaces. Oftentimes, I am unsure if my achievements are genuinely earned or just flukes (no, not the fish). I am continually inspired to learn and experience more, especially pertaining to the arts and the natural world.

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"BoneFish Photography" was born while I was still deeply involved in marine research, and my professional photography journey was in it's infancy. Significant to my personal initials (BF), BoneFish became the name under which I practiced photography. BoneFish Photography carries with it a deep-seated love for the natural world & it's living creatures, and a "just keep swimming" attitude through the adventure of life.

My goal is to highlight and educate about the beauty, grace, and marvel that exists in our natural world; to encourage others to look more carefully at the world around them; to remind us (myself included) that we live in a big world, full of wonder -- we only need to pay attention.

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When I'm not behind a camera or computer, I am probably chasing the sunset with B (the king of my heart and forever adventure partner). Or, you can find me holding a conversation with my tuxedo-wearing feline buddy, Harvey (who acts more monkey than cat). And most likely, I've got a mug of hot tea in hand. (Yum!)

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Thanks for clickin' around! Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, inquiries, collaborations, commissions, or even just a little "hello!" ...I'd love to hear from ya!

© Becky Ford/BoneFish Photography 2014-2020

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