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Bring the outdoors to your indoors.

Decorate your home, office, and sacred spaces with prints of your favorite BF images.


PAPER:  Traditional print medium, and cost-effective. A satisfactory medium for all image types in most indoor spaces. Must be framed before hanging (for ready-to-hang prints, read "Framing Options" below).

Lustre : Printed on heavy Kodak Supra Endura paper. Matte-finish. Offers vibrant color with minimal glare. Traditional, tried and true print type.

Metallic : Printed on heavy Kodak Endura Professional Metallic paper. Gloss finish. Offers a richer, more distinct metallic look. Not as vibrant as a true metal print, but a fine alternative.

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METAL: An unconventional (albeit stunning!), modern-day print medium. Dyes are infused directly onto a thin aluminum sheet. Offers a highly vibrant, detailed print. No frame necessary. Metal prints come with a float-mount backing, as a ready-to-hang piece of art.

High Gloss: Extremely glossy surface. Shows every detail. Maximum vibrancy. Most closely resembles what you would see on a back-lit computer/device screen. Caution: glare may be a concern if displayed in a space with multiple different light sources or many windows (much like the glare factor of a framed paper print behind glass).

Satin : Smooth satin-like matte surface. Very even and soft appearance. Fair alternative to high gloss if glare is a major concern.


Need help with framing? No worries, you have a few options!

For the most options and flexibility, I would recommend arranging framing locally after you receive your paper print. With this option, you will have a more tangible and customized experience in creating your new piece of wall art, and you'll get to support your local community.

For convenience, you can have a ready-to-hang piece of art shipped straight to your door (for prints up to 20x30). After your selected paper print is added to your shopping cart, you can add framing by clicking the "+ Finishing Options" button. Follow the prompting to select the framing to add to your order.

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Get creative and have fun! 

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